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Beverley is willing to give talks about the Stations of the Cross and/or conduct liturgies using them as aids to worship.
Beverley makes liturgical art like the Stations of the Cross which is on permanent exhibition at Christ Church Eastbourne and she also decorates Paschal Candles. Beverley makes private devotional work too. She has worked for a number of denominations but mainly for the Church of England. She also makes traditional icons in the traditional way and modern icons.
You can buy A5 booklets of the Stations of the Cross. They contain small full colour pictures of each Station on a double spread with a Bible reading, prayer, meditation and other information.

  • A5 booklets £7.00 each + p&p (£1.50)
  • A pack of all fifteen of the Stations on postcards with brief devotions on the back
  • Pack of postcards £2.50 + p&p (£1.00) each or free with a booklet
  • Posters approximately A3 and numbered in top right hand corner £3.00 each
  • Cost of all 15 posters £40 + p&p (£6.50)
  • Less than 9 posters = £3 x number of posters + p&p (£5.00)

For postage outside the UK?

Contact me by email.

Would you like me to give a talk on the Stations of the Cross?

Would you like to commission a work of art?

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